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The Quick overview

Juicefiles are where all the props, houses, nodes, slots and units are scripted into the game. The table below describes what is scripted where.

Juice file type of objects juice file location
Propsdatabase.juice Props, houses, fences, vehicle, bridges Database\
Unittypes_wic.juice Units, drivable vehicles Units\
Nodes_props.juice Signs, roof props as nodes Juice\
Nodes_slots.juice Slots nodes Juice\
Nodes_wreckfx.juice Wreck nodes Juice\
supportweapons.juice Support Weapons and some specials Maps\

Where do I change the number and types of members in a squad?

File: unittypes_wic.juice / unittypes_wic_singleplayer.juice

Entry: XXX_SQUAD_XXX/myParasites/Squad/mySquadMembers

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