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This is simply a list of limits modders have stumbled across that, when exceeded, cause the game not to work in one way or another. This information originally came from a forum thread and so has no particular order.

Known limits: (Tester is marked next to the topic)

  1. Unit selection -(Really Common)
    WiC only support a player to select 16 (squads) of units at once.
    Possible solution: make units to squads to increase the limit (carried out by several modders already)
  2. Unit icon display in lower part of screen -(Really Common)
    Only 16 (22 for widescreen users) squads of units will be displayed there.
    Possible solution: I think it's not needed....
  3. Visible Infantry in vehicles -CNR4806/MadMonk777
    Proven possible with some special containor code from neutral units, with some limits:
    1. Units will become neutral and uncontrollable if no infantry is inside
    2. Infantry onboard can only shoot to certain angles, set by the codes. (the angle can be changed)
    Remark by MadMonk777: Troops within Control Point Containers take damage within the vehicle or building unit.
  4. Maximum amount of units in a squad -??? (unknown tester)
    A squad can only hold 10 units or else it crashes.
    Possible solution: Don't create a squad with >10 units, simple enough?
  5. Maximum amount of units in a game -CNR4806/Tabu
    Proven the limit exsists, but I haven't tested for the exact number yet. (Tested by Tabu: 512 units)
    Possible solution: (Need to be added) Probably a game engine issue.
  6. Controllable jets? (Not sure about content below yet) -(Common)
    Probably impossible without tons of coding, because WiC doesn't seems to have the code to let units move freely around when not given an order.
    Possible solution: Make VTOL Jets (e.g. Harrier) with Helicoptor control seems to be the only solution right now.
  7. Unit speed -Gundug
    While it is possible to make a ground vehicle extremely fast, the physics are such that it will tend to float in the air excessively when hitting bumps. After a setting of around 20+ this becomes more noticeable.
  8. Repair speed limit -MadMonk777
    Repairers under myParasites maxes out at 0.000000000000001 for MyTimeinterval, and 1000000000 for RepairedDamagePerTimeInterval, any higher and the game will start bugging out.
  9. Rate of fire limit during online play -Phazon/Massive
    There is a technical limit on the fire-rate of a weapon in the game when it is played online. I can't recall the value off the top of my head however, but setting a number past this value is not good as it won't work with the tick rate of the dedicated server.
    Remark by Tevkid: The minimum value is 0.1
  10. Cloud Effect limit -Tevkid
    A rather insignificant limit is that a cloud must have an mrb (model) file associated with it or the game will crash (there are plenty of null MRB files so you can always use/copy one of those if you want a cloud effect without a cloud).
  11. Mover Limit -bob the build/Tevkid.
    a unit won't fly if you just give it a helicopter mover (I believe it needs to have its unit type changed to AIR).
  12. Hit Effect/bullet issue -Phazon or Briscoe
    there can only be one hit effect per bullet MRB file (you can't have two different hit effects for two different units if they share a common bullet model). To get around this you need to extract and copy the bullet MRB from wic1.sdf then select the copied MRB as the bullet for the unit with the changed hit effect. Make sure to include the copied MRB in your mod SDF file.
  13. TA limits -NviziblSkillz/Massive
    1. Max number of TA’s in supportweapons.juice is 230.
    2. Max number of TA’s per category is 10.
    3. Max number of categories per team is 3.
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