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The Breach

Creator Haschbeutel
Game mode Assault / Angriff
Team Faction 1 NATO
Team Faction 2 USSR
Num. Command Points 4
Num. Frontlines -
Single-Player Mode no
Multi-Player Mode yes
Filesize 61.78 MB
Release Date 2007-12-21 02:34:04

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Forword: Finally, my first map has resulted in a playable version. This map is EXCLUSIVE
for and If you have downloaded it somewhere else,
please report it to me. Also, if you find any bugs, flying objects or something totally
weird (ninjas or ponies), report it to me. If you have any suggestions, ideas, critics
or feedback, also report it to me.

Where to report? Here to report:


Somewhere on a small archipelago in the pacific. The international secret intelligence
discovered a secret russian missile base. The Russians plan to launch a nuclear rocket
to demonstrate their power to the rest of the world. To avoid mass hysteria, the U.N.
secretly sent NATO Special Units to take down the radar sytem, invade the heavy-armed
beach and destroy the russian base.

There's not much time left...

How to play

- This map will make use of all unit types. Especially amphibious vehicles garantee a fast movement
- A Sniper in the tower up on the hill (near the beach) can see very far and detect incoming units very early. Good possibility to plan TA strikes against incoming units.
- There are lots of bunkers where infantry units can shoot everywhere on the beach. Anti-Tank Inf will crush every unit within seconds...
- The more the attackers advance, the more narrow the space gehts, so areal TAs will be your key to victory.
- There's a small path that is blocked by a wall. It's leading into the russian base and is perfect for attack on two sides. The wall is robust, but some bunker buster will get rid of it... ;-)
- There can be placed lots of infantry on the woody path up to the russian base. Perfect to slow down attackers.


--- First command point: The Sandbank ---
- If NATO is fast enough, this will be an easy-to-capture point. If USSR manage to hold this position and strengthen their defense, NATO will have a very hard time.
- USSR only has a small water trail, where slow units can easily block their mates. If USSR wants to get over fast, they will have to use amphibious vehicles and copters.

--- Second command point: The Radar ---
- Both parties can only acces this isle via a small watertrail with heavy armor and infantry. For fast access, amphibious vehicles and copters will be needed.

--- Third command point: The Beach ---
- Most difficult part for the attacker. Lots of bunkers, where enemy infantry can hide and a very narrow space, that will kill huge amounts of units, which don't pay attention.
- USSR can re-support with heavy armory without any problems. NATO has to use watertrail.

--- Forth command point: The Base ---
- Last battle. Three points to capture. Both respawnzones are very close to each other and both parties can use heavy armory without any problems. Steel VS. Steel. The right use of TA and class-combination will make the win ... or loss.


--- v0.4: ---
- Changed the night setting to sunrise, since no active lightning is possible
- Power-Supply was replaced by a satellite, coordinating the rocket.
(makes more sense than powersupply)
- Started to create NATO base

--- v0.5: ---
- Tested around with ambient settings. The sunrise will be powerful!
- Got more details into russian base
- complete re-design of the beach
- Started to smooth the cliffs to make them look more realistic

--- v0.6: ---
- Re-designed the beach area

--- v0.7: ---
- Finished creating islands
- Added more details
- Fixxed some spawn-bugs and wrong Drop-Zones
- Broadend the beach entry to easy invading for attackers

--- v0.8: ---
- Added more Details
- Added a crash-site to radar island, making it not feeling too "empty"

--- v0.9: ---
- Crushed concept of seperated island due to playability on public servers
- Added small connections between the islands, to grant non-ambhibious
vehicles the access to the isles

--- v1.0: ---
- Fixed flying objects
- Added more details at NATO start island

--- v1.1: --- CURRENT RELEASE ---
- Fixed a bug, where actually two radars where placed at the same position.






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