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-By EvilViking

I have found a work-around for the lack of default road intersections in WicEd. If you don't feel like editing your road in Lightwave (or don't know how), I have created intersection textures for you to use on your maps:


Note that my example map had a rendering error on that inner thumbnail.

While this is only a work-around, and doesn't look 100% seamless, it will suffice in most cases, and is better than no intersections at all. Currently, the only intersection that I have done is the Town Road. More may come later.

Included in the .rar file (use WinRar from or a similar application to unpack the files) is the following: - 3 way intersection with normal map - 4 way intersection with normal map - .PSD Photoshop files for both textures with everything on separate layers for easy editing (if you want to change anything)

Download Link:

Instructions on how to use:

Please give me credit if you use these textures, as it took time to create them and then provide them for you to use! Thanks! =)

Note: This only works well on flat surfaces.

1. Unpack all of the files into a new folder in your WiCEd directory, IE: C:\Program Files\Sierra Entertainment\World In Conflict Editor\MyCustomTextures\

2. Open your map and create your roads. Where you want an intersection, leave an break in the road path, and continue making a new road path past where you want your intersection to be.

3. In that gap you left in your road, create another small road section with only 2 points.

4. Select that small section of road where the intersection will go, and go to the "Advanced" button.

5. Change the road texture to the .tga that you want (either the 4-way or 3-way intersection). Be sure to load in the correct normal map as well if you want your intersection to be nice and detailed.



6. Adjust your intersection's points until only one intersection is shown (they're not repeating).

7. Adjust the adjoining roadways until they go a few feet into your intersection.

8. Select the end points of your roadways one at a time, and adjust the height to -0.2. This will make your road dip slightly under the intersection and make the seams less noticeable.


9. You're done! Keep tweaking if it doesn't look how you want it to yet.


TIP: Place objects on the corners to help hide the seams, like trees, cars, etc.

If anyone has any comments or questions, please post them and let me know if this is helpful for you! =)

- EvilViking

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