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Selecting and Placing Props

There are four different tools for placing props, wires and add-ons in Wiced. They look like this:

  • The Edit Tool This is the Edit tool. You select any kind of object with it. You can either left click an object or left click and drag to select more objects. Rotate by holding ctrl; rotate with snapping with ctrl +shift.
  • The Place Object Tool This is the place object tool. You place any kind of object with it. Left click to place. Use ctrl to rotate the object.
  • The Select Group Tool This is the Select group tool. Select one object and the rest of its kind will also get selected.
  • The Duplicate Tool This is the duplicate tool. It will duplicate any kind of object. Select the object you want to duplicate and left click. Use ctrl to rotate.

Object Window

This window is pretty self explaining. Play around with it.

The Object Editor

If you click The Edit Tool you will open up the object editor which looks like this.

The Object Editor

There are a variety of different kinds of objects in Wiced that we have given different icons and options; due to their nature.

  • Available:

This is the object list. This is what you have to work with.

  • Place:

These are already placed objects. You can go through this list to pinpoint certain objects.

  • Properties:

In properties you will find basic to advanced options for the specific kind of object.

  • The Prop Tool You will find any kind of prop here; anything from a house to fire hydrants.
  • The Tree Tool This is where you find trees. Choose from a variety of tree sets. You can choose to place trees individually or in group.
  • Image:Road_tool.jpg You can place roads with this tool. You will find more information about roads in the road/terrain extension tutorial.
  • The Command Point Tool Place new command points with this button. (Remember to add perimeter points.)
  • The Wire Tool Place wires with this tool.

The wire tool is a very neat tool. As soon as you go into place wires mode you will notice red dots appear on many objects. If you click on one of the small red circles that appear and then click on another red circle a wire will appear between the two objects.

You can choose from Power Lines, ropes, Telephone Lines and much more.

Other Object Types

Press Other Object Types Icon to see other Object types.

  • The Add-On Button This is the add-on button. From here you will be able to add objects to houses. As soon as you select an object in the add-on instance list there will spawn orange + icons on houses. Now you will be able to add objects such as outdoor window awnings to the house.

If you click the edit tool The Edit Tool you can rotate the add-on object by holding ctrl. If you hold ctrl +shift you can rotate an add-on object with snapping

  • The Agent Button This is the agent button. From here you will find anything from tanks to infantry.
  • The Area Button This is the area button. You work a lot with areas when making single-player game-play.
  • The Sound Button You can place sound from here. Works just like ordinary object placement.
  • The Block Box ButtonA block-box object is an object you use when you want to add impassability for all or certain land based vehicles, air based vehicles, Infantry or water based vehicles.
  • The Terrain Extension IconThis is the Terrain Extension icon. From here you will be able to access your imported terrain extensions. Read more about what a terrain Extension is in the Terrain Extensions (Advanced Tutorial).
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