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Well, on this tutorial i will try to say how to create a shortcut to your mod. There are 2 kinds of people this tutorial wants to help: First are the modders and in second the players.

!!! This method does not work for all mods !!! 

Mods that include more complex python/gui scripting may find themselves generating errors using the shortcut method. 
The only way to properly load a mod is through the mod loading screen menu.

That said, the shortcut method will work for most mods, such as those featuring unit edits, new particle effects or some very minor graphical changes. 

The Modder

When you done all of your modifications, you need to compress the .ice and .loc files(per example) into a SDF file using the SDF editor. When you will save the file you need to write it in lower case and separate 2 words using "_"(underline).

Let's me use an example: my_first_mod This is how your SDF file is called now(just an example).

Now you need to create a "mod info" for your mod. Open Juice Maker and look for a file called "modinfo". Open it.

When you open the file you will encouter this:


MyModName = <empty>

MyLocModName = <empty>

MyModName is your mod name who will be eat by World in Conflict, and because this need to have the same name of your SDF file, because this your SDF file need to be write in lower case and separate 2 words using "_"(underline).

MyLocModName is the name what will be showed when a people open WiC and look for Select Mod. It don't need to be write in lower case. It don't need to be equal the SDF file. Can be anything!

Now let's do our example:


MyModName = my_first_mod

MyLocModName = My First Mod - a World in Conflict Modification by XXX

Save it an put on the same folder where your SDF file should be:

For XP: Documents & Settings\All Users\Shared Documents\World in Conflict\Mods\my_first_mod (just for example)

For Vista: Users\Public\Documents\World in Conflict\Mods\my_fist_mod (just for example)

After done it,

Let's make the shortcut

Right-click the World in Conflic shortcut in your desktop and select the opition: Create Shortcut. after that an identical shortcut will apear. Rename it with your mod name and right-click it again. Select Properties. In Destination who is something like it "...\Sierra Entertainment\World in Conflict\wic.exe", you need to add this command at the end of line:

"...\Sierra Entertainment\World in Conflict\wic.exe" -mod my_first_mod (just for example)

And voilà the shortcut is done!

I must say that same command works for multiplayer:

"...\Sierra Entertainment\World in Conflict\wic_online.exe" -mod my_first_mod

If are you a player who tryed to make a shortcut to another people's mod, and it didn't work, please enter in contact with the people who made the mod.


I hope it helped you modder and you player,

--Gen.Kenobi 14:11, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

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