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Theese video tutorials will show you how to get a custom made unit into a World in Conflict modification.

Be aware that theese tutorials do NOT show you how you use LightWave and Modo, they will only show you how to prepare your units for showbox.

Please give me some feedback so I can improve on future videos in this thread.

The downloads

The videos are divided into four chapters:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Modo

Chapter 3: LightWave

Chapter 4: Showbox

If you want the tank that I work on, I put up the raw files here, so you can see it. The tank has been created for a mod currently in production, but is nowere near complete, so please dont judge the poor bastard for beeing ugly, as it is meerly a placeholder for now.

Heavy Tank sourcefiles

Other stuff of interest


The videos have been compiled using Koepi's xvid codec, if you cant play the videos Download the codec here

LightWave and Modo

If you want to know more about LightWave and Modo? go to their official pages.

The official Modo pages

The official LightWave pages

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