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Creator delector
Game mode Domination / Vorherrschaft
Team Faction 1 USA
Team Faction 2 USSR
Num. Command Points -
Num. Frontlines -
Single-Player Mode no
Multi-Player Mode yes
Release Date 2007-12-11 00:54:38

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German Democratic Republic (GDR) is my first (published) WIC map. In 1989, today's east germany was part of the eastern bloc and administrated by the sovjet government. Its western border line devided the two enemy fractions. After the United States landed in Europe, the little nation got a burning point in the war and some of the worst battles took place there. Be prepared for central european landscape with a creek, little hills, forest, farms and a little village. Terrain and gameplay At the beginning the USSR holds the hills in the south (Ruine and Radio Station). The USA attacks from the north and will easily take the clearing (control point). While USSR has a little terrain advantage (because of height), USA will have the shorter distance to the central control points (Village and East Bridge). There is a creek cutting the map into north and south which is not passable except using the two bridges or air force (no beach). The bridge in the west is located at the village and you have to take three perimeter points (2 in the village, one at the bridge on the south side) to take command. If someone wants to get control over the eastern bridge control point he has to take the perimeter point at the near farm as well. There are really good conditions for the infantry because of the woodlands. THANKS FOR YOUR FEEDBACK! I'm currently creating a list of possible changes and improvements for a second release (I don't want to release each tiny modification). PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TELL ME WHAT TO IMPROVE... The following points are already on my list:

  • darken roads - they are apparently too flashy with the soft blooming
  • more houses / details in the village
  • more details at the radio station
  • try to improve surround meshes

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