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Here you got one solution how to create crossroads in WICed :)

First step of creating a crossroad build a road – only a short one.
Then click on the road so it has an active sidebar to config it. In the sidbar use the button advanced.
After this the editing tool pops up; who know..that tool where you can see how long your road is or which height it has. On the right side there are four target windows where a targetlink is already shown.
Click on the three points behind the above one (road tex). An new window is shown with several boxes on the left side, in the middle there are some layers for the road and on the ride side there is a preview window.
Go to the left side and watch out for the box „maps“. Click on it!
Next steps are on your own, now you have to decide whigh layer u want for your roads/crossroads.
The shown crossroad is in the box „maps/ustown3/roads“. Scroll the middle window to the middle and there u find the crossroad of the screenshot!
Click on the texture; the texture image browser will close and the andvanced road properties window is active again. Click on the button apply and the road u've once built is now a crossroad!
Surely u have noticed that there are three more target windows in the „advanced road properties“; below the road tex. With this u operate exactly as in the step i explained to u above in order to build a crossroad.
But with the last three layers u can decide with color your road has or something like that! It's on your own what your road looks like! There are serveral other layers in the other boxes in the „maps“ box in the texture image browser!

Have fun to check this mighty options!

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