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This is the category where all stuff about scripting for your maps will be put. The documents created, has been created in such a way, that each chapter is dependendt on previous chapters, so in short, it easiest to read it in the right order:

Chapter 1: Before we start
Chapter 2: Custom Mission
Chapter 3: Areas and Command Points
Chapter 4: Player Starting Units
Chapter 5: Reactions and Actions
Chapter 6: Message Boxes
Chapter 7: Action Queue
Chapter 8: Objectives and the Objectives browser
Chapter 9: Drop Zones and the Reinforcements Menu
Chapter 10: Event string
Chapter 11a: Creating units
Chapter 11b: The Unittypes List
Chapter 12: Secondary Objective
Chapter 13: Tactical Aid
Chapter 14: Debug Viewer
Chapter 15: Objective Cameras
Chapter 16: Timers
Chapter 17: AI
Chapter 18: How we set us up the bomb
Chapter 19: The first whole event

Extra Chapter 1: Our Python files and Event Structure
Extra Chapter 2: Reactions the long version
Extra Chapter 3: The Objective Class
Extra Chapter 4: Common mistakes and bugs

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