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Here you can find a list of World in Conflict modifications.

Most information and download links for World in Conflict modifications can be found in the Massgate Mod Making forum. You can also find modifications for download at WicBase.

Modifications on this page are divided into one of two categories. Under the Released modifications category you can find modifications which have a release available to use. Other modifications that are still currently being worked on are placed under the Work-in-progress modifications category.

Modifications are sorted by alphabetical order on this page.


Released modifications


  • This mod adds the possibility to cheat in single-player games. Mod created by A New Hope.

Information / Download link:,118942


  • A mod that aims to revamp the AI and gameplay of World in Conflict. Mod in development by Briscoe.

Information / Download link:,141104

Gundug's Tweaks

  • This mod features a variety of various tweaks made to units within World in Conflict. Mod created by Gundug.

Information / Download link:,134395


  • This mod aims to increase the visual and aural realism of battles within World in Conflict, while improving the depth of tactics and strategy available within the game. Mod created by Phazon.

Information / Download link:,136797

Work-in-progress modifications

Eastern Warfare Mod

  • A modern-day modification set in the middle-east. Will feature some new weapon systems.

Information link:

The Great War

  • A World War One modification.

Information link:

Silent Heroes: Viking Assault

  • A modification featuring the Swedish invasion of Norway set in 2007.

Information link:


  • A total conversion sci-fi mod, set in a distant future on a distant planet

Information link: [Souls Website]

Black Hawk Down

  • A modification that adds new units and tactical aids, as well as improves on existing units to recreate the events of Operation Gothic Serpent and the Battle of Mogadishu.

Information link: [BHD Mod Page]

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