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Camera orbit at the start of the map:

This is broken and will be fixed in the next release. In the meantime you can go to the map folder of your custom map, find the "" file, open it in a text editor and delete everything in it. Then add the following single line (without quotation marks): "from serverimports import * "

Do the exact same thing with the file "", but instead add (without quotation marks): "from clientimports import * "

This activates the camera sweep. It should also be possible to make map specific camera sweeps, although we haven't tried this internally.

To do this, in the file (in the root "python" folder), there is a function called "OnStartCameraSweepScript". This function is called once when the camera sweep starts (true) and once when it stops (false). This camera ride is global for all maps.

Theoretically, if you want to make it unique for a certain map, you can create a function with the same name in the file "" (in the folder "maps/mapname/python") and script your own camera sweeps in there. It should be possible to have the camera do map specific stuff (look at specific coordinates et cetera) during the sweep.

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