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The tricky thing when you want a bridge on you map is to get the path finding working, so here is a quick tutorial that should help.


When you found a place on your map where you need a connection you need to start searching for a bridge in the right size. Select the Place tool and type in bridge in the search field in the Object editor dialogue.


Rotate the bridge and place it on the right spot. After the bridge is in place, you need to make the ground smooth and on the same height as the bridge.

Start to put on the Pathmap to make sure that there will be no impassable areas around the bridge. Then choose Set height and don’t forget to lock object height.


Pick the height (ctrl-click on the mesh) where the bridge cuts through the ground and start painting that height to the whole area around the two sides of the bridge. If your bridge is too high up, use the pinch tool until the bridge cuts through and then flatten again.


Last step is to compile the map and test it in game to see if the bridge works.


Good luck!

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