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This dialog allows you to edit an existing bloom filter or add a new one.

The Bloom Editor


  • Color - Adjusts the general color of the outcome.
  • Alpha - Sets how much the bloom will take over (blend on to) the original output.
  • Bloom type - Use blurred as default. Hires gives less performance but can make a very cool effect some times. myNumBlurPasses, myBlurExtraPunch, myBlurMode and myBlurMasking is only valid if myBloomType is BLURRED.
  • Num blur passes - Number of blur passes. The blur passes blurs the image but also costs fill rate, so be careful to use more than 3 passes.
  • Blur extra punch - A very effective and much cheaper way of getting some extra blur. Gets weird above 0.5, but can then be used for crazy blooms.
  • Blur mode - Changes the calculating of the blur from brighter to darker colors.
  • Blur masking - Is used for decreasing overbright areas, with a factor from 0.0-1.0.
  • Color mode - Calculates the blending in different channels RGB, or as one DESATURATE.
  • Source / Dest blend mode - Sets the blend mode of the bloom. A regular setting is Source Blend = SRCALPHA, Dest Blend = INVSRCALPHA. You can try various combinations for all sorts of strange effects.
  • Color ramp - Changes brightness / contrast for the input to the bloom filter. If Color mode is set to DESATURATE, only the first parameter of every section is used.
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