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NOTE: The full WicEd manual is contextually accessible from within the editor by clicking the question mark icon Image:Help.jpg at the top right of each window. Use this as a reference whenever you feel lost.

To create a new map

  1. Open WicEd.
  2. Click "New Map" on the start screen or from the File menu.
  3. Choose a ground template (determines the terrain texture) ...
  4. ... and an Environment template (determines the sky and lighting).
  5. Write a map name (one word only).
  6. In the dialog that appears, check both checkboxes. WicEd will set up your map with a procedural terrain and render a low res ground texture (may take a while).
  7. Click "OK".

Camera Controls

  1. Use the Mouse Wheel to raise the camera.
  2. Use WASD to move the camera.
  3. Use the Middle Mouse Button to rotate the camera.
  4. For more controls, mouse-over on the Toolbar to the left.

To test your map in World in Conflict

  1. In the File menu click "File->Compile Map" and then "Compile to SDF”.
  2. When done compiling, close WicEd and launch World in Conflict.
  3. In the main menu, go to "Multiplayer->Local Network->Create Server", then in the "Available Maps" list, choose your map and click "Create" at the bottom of the screen.

To edit Domination gameplay settings

  1. On the toolbar, click the Gameplay button. Image:Tools_gameplay.jpg
  2. Right click to add a Command Point.
  3. Right click on the Command Point to add a Perimeter Point.
  4. Drag the points to move them.
  5. Drag the blue and red lines to change deploy zones for the teams.

To add a building

  1. In the Toolbar, click the Place Tool. Image:Place_object_tool.jpg
  2. In the "Object Settings" dialog window, click on the Props icon. Image:Prop_tool.jpg
  3. Expand the category "Houses->Europe->cityhouse".
  4. Click on "cityhouse01".
  5. Click to place the house somewhere within the red borders on the 3D terrain.
  6. To exit the Place mode, click on the Edit tool. Image:Edit_tool.jpg

Object manipulation

  1. To move a prop: Alt+Left Mouse Button.
  2. To rotate a prop: Ctrl+Left Mouse Button.
  3. To raise/lower a prop: Shift+Mouse Wheel.
  4. For more rotation angles: Home, End, UpArrow, DownArrow.

To enable water

  1. In the Toolbar, click the Environment Editor. Image:Tools_render_environment.jpg
  2. Select the "Water" tab.
  3. Drag the "Water Level" slider to the right until you see water in the 3D view.

More controls

For a list of common tools and controls, see the chapters Camera Controls and Toolbar in the menu.

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