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Creator EvilViking ( EvilViking[AT] )
Game mode Domination
Team Faction 1 USA
Team Faction 2 USSR
Num. Command Points 9
Num. Frontlines N/A
Single-Player Mode No (Multiplayer with bots supported)
Multi-Player Mode Yes
Filesize 100mb
Release Date Released!




"Virginia" is the first Massive-approved user-made map for World in Conflict. Set in the beautiful mountains and valleys of southwest Virgina, the quiet and picturesque town of Jeffersonville and the surrounding farming communities provide the backdrop for a vicious struggle between Soviet fast-strike forces and Virginia National Guard. For the full storyline, please see the "Storyline" section below. For the discussion thread on "Virginia" on the Massgate forums, please visit this link:,104258,page=1
- EvilViking



Note: More screenshots are available below.


  • Over 400 hours of total work inside and outside of WiCEd
  • Extra-large size
  • Fully customized 8192x8192 splatting texture with hand-painted detailing in Photoshop CS3
  • Fully customized roads using Modo 301
  • Fully customized surround mesh
  • Loading screens and music
  • Detailed storyline
  • Custom terrain extensions
  • Carefully balanced Domination gameplay

Screenshots (Images shown are from beta v0.06 of Virginia, not the final version)

railroadbridgeadvance-1.jpg a10strafessupermarket-1.jpg
rivercrossingairstrike-1.jpg Coming soon!

Beta Testing

Beta testing has concluded.

Official Storyline

Jeffersonville, Central Virginia, on the James River, 22 miles NW of Lynchburg
Two weeks after the invasion of Seattle

FLASH_PRIORITY COPY_:NORAD:NationalNuclearSecurityAdministration:PENTAGON

Preliminary Combat Report

“Red Sky” U.S. ICBM Missile Launch/Control Facility, National Nuclear Security Administration

Major General Robert Carlson, Commander, “Red Sky” Facility

The Red Sky launch facility under my command has been tasked with the targeting of six large Soviet air bases within Europe since the war began. In the event of a nuclear confrontation in Europe, we would immediately strike these six bases, crippling Soviet reinforcement abilities in the area, including most of France, Germany, and Italy.

This facility was built in the mountains above Jeffersonville to protect it from both a ground assault from the Eastern coast, as well a possible Soviet nuclear strike. The Soviets knew of the Red Sky base and its task, and with the Army and Air Force fighting with NATO in Europe and the National Guard rushing to recover from the debacle unfolding in Washington, they decided to hit us.

At 04:36 hours this morning, NORAD detected multiple fast-moving Russian fighters hugging the ground and dipping in and out of our RADAR field. We put the base and the hidden array of triple-A batteries in the mountains on high alert. At 04:49, the outlying defenses engaged the first wave of Russian fighters, scoring several kills. Caught by surprise, the first wave aborted the attack on the Red Sky base proper and instead bombed several contractor office buildings in Big Island. The second wave caught us by surprise around 5:02, coming up from the south and using the mountain ranges to shield their attack. They skirted most of the AAA batteries, and took out the base RADAR as well as several communication towers.

This second wave also contained an unknown number of large Russian transport aircraft, which dropped light armor and recon troops, including Spetznaz units. An M730A2 Chaparral that we had hidden behind an office building in downtown Jeffersonville scored a hit on one of the transports that came too low, bringing it down west of the downtown area, near historic Fort Early. The Chaparral was immediately targeted, and Russian fighter/bombers leveled the office building trying to take it out. A few other Chaparrals that we had hidden threw off the Soviet’s drop pattern, but it unfortunately forced some of them to drop into Jeffersonville itself, which we were desperately trying to evacuate.

By 5:54, Russian scout forces moved down both Route 812 East of the Red Sky base, and 501 south of town. Base security engaged the initial push from the Russian scouting groups, holding them at the ridgeline next to the base and along Route 812. What little National Guard elements that had been stationed at Fort Early (although not in active service since the Civil War, Fort Early serves as a storage and barracks facility for temporarily stationed troops), as well as the troops on base managed to hold the railroad bridge in the center of town, and the James river overall, preventing Russian forces from crossing. The civilian evacuation site at the Supermarket on the Western side of the river was temporarily overrun, resulting in an unknown number of civilian casualties. National Guard infantry backed by M1A1s from the 42nd Armored Cav pushed across the main bridge in downtown, and a group of Marine snipers harassed the Russians from the farm south of town until the Soviet scouting parties were caught between the two forces. At 10:23, air support from the Roanoke area finally arrived, and the remaining Soviet forces fled down the Norfolk-Southern rail line towards Route 812. As far as we can tell, all of the Russian scouting groups then retreated into the mountains towards Big Island. All American forces fell back to fortify the Red Sky facility and Jeffersonville, and assist with the civilian evacuation.

Around 10:51 we received word of a diversionary Russian naval/amphibious attack on Hampton, Virginia, with the possible goal of opening up a route to the Norfolk naval yards. With NORAD refusing to lend support from the D.C. area, Richmond National Guard that were en route to assist us had to turn back to meet this new threat. At 11:08, NORAD warned us of a large Russian air fleet skirting around the fighting in Hampton and heading our way. National Command Authority (SECDEF) provided intelligence to us that hinted that the Soviets may be attempting to secure a ground passage to Washington D.C. via Hampton/Norfolk, with the intention of using the Red Sky launch facility to hold the capital at ransom.

American forces are working to fortify the base and the town, but without reinforcements, the Red Sky facility and the entire Eastern bank of the James will fall quickly. National Guard elements from Lynchburg, Bedford, and Roanoke are en route from the south, and will meet up west of town on the Lee-Jackson highway. From there, U.S. forces must move quickly to fortify the Western bank of the James. The Red Sky launch facility will most likely fall quickly to advancing Soviet troops, so speed is of the utmost importance. Fortifying Fort Early, the Overlook position above the James, the Farm Supply Depo above the northern bridge, and the Industrial District of town will ensure that the Russians cannot breach the river.

From there, a fierce struggle will most likely commence over the Downtown area of Jeffersonville. American forces must occupy both sides of the main bridge to prevent Soviet forces from crossing. Just southwest of the Red Sky launch site is a small suburb known as Madison Heights. Taking this suburb will allow American troops to surround the ICBM base all along the Western side. If U.S. forces can cross the river to the South of Jeffersonville, taking the farm there will provide a branching off point for an advance on the abandoned Supermarket evac site and the Commercial District on East Main Street.

12:34 Contact with Russian helicopters East and North of town. Forces at the Supermarket report movement in the ridgelines to the east. Local PD reports the town and all areas within 4 miles have been evacuated, minus casualties from the first engagement. Soviet transport aircraft confirmed low over the Big Island area. Contact imminent.

12:37 Russian armored units spotted on Route 812. “Red Sky” is taking artillery fire. Request immediate air cover from all available U.S. aircraft, targets will be marked. Supermarket is being overrun, National Guard elements are falling back across the river, we cannot hold the river without immediate support.

Major General Robert Carlson, Commander, “Red Sky” Facility Temporary Commander of Jeffersonville Joint Defense Force

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