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This is a small tutorial and a description of the different tools used when editing terrain in WicEd.

Terrain Generator

You can modify the terrain by using the six different tools for it.
Below is a description of each tool.

  • Terrain Generator Icon Reach the Terrain Generator from here.

The grey picture in the terrain generator is the topology of your terrain. You can either import a height map that you have made in exterior software, Or you can create a height map from scratch in the terrain generator.

You can decide what you want to do in Terrain Source.

Quick Tutorial

1: Click new under “Terrain generation passes”.

2: Choose from a list of different terrain algorithms. Choose Fault formation in this tutorial. (Make sure to read the descriptions for each Pass type, it’s a good idea to do this.)

3: Click ok

4: Add more passes and play around with the different settings for them.

5: Click Generate. The terrain should update.

6: Continue to play around with the terrain generator. There are no laws on what works and what doesn’t, try to figure out what works best for you.

Description of the Tools

  • The Sculpt Terrain Tool You can sculpt the terrain with this tool. Hold Shift to inverse the sculpting effect.
  • The Pinch Tool This is the pinch tool. This is a very good tool for finer detail work on the terrain.
  • The Smooth Tool This is the smooth tool. You can easily get a sharp edged cliff become a smooth hill with this tool.
  • The Ramp Tool This is the ramp tool. It is a very handy tool for creating tilted roads. You use it by Left-clicking, drag and left-clicking again
  • The Flatten Terrain Tool With this button you flatten the terrain. Hold ctrl and click on different parts of the terrain to sample height data to determine how and where you want to flatten the terrain and for what purposes.

The Window for different Brush Settings <-- Use this window to adjust brush size and pressure. You can also lock object height.

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