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Small US Town

Creator Coolhand101e
Game mode Domination / Vorherrschaft
Team Faction 1 USA
Team Faction 2 USSR
Num. Command Points -
Num. Frontlines -
Single-Player Mode no
Multi-Player Mode yes
Filesize 32.19 MB
Release Date 2007-12-20 23:12:55

Download map



After capturing Seattle, the Russians push hard to get to this small US town. They are hoping to seize the train station in town to increase their resupply capability as well as the US military instalations in town. As a US player, You want to keep control over this small rural town because food is scarce since the Russians invaded and this town has 4 farms and a crop refinery. This is my first "public" map as well as the first map in which I incorporated custom textures. It has loading screens, but no music since I normally have the music turned off anyway when I play. Known issue: Most unit go around the bridge downtown instead of on it. This is due to the 2D roadmap and doesn't affect gameplay anyway.





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