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Q: How many points must you score in order to be promoted?


Private:                   600 points
Private First Class:     2,000 points
Corporal:                5,000 points 
Sergeant:                9,000 points 
Staff Sergeant:         15,000 points
Sergeant First Class:   25,000 points
Frist Sergeant:         40,000 points
Sergeant Major:         58,000 points
Second Lieutenant:      77,000 points
First Lieutenant:      110,000 points (33rd Percentile of Leaderboard) 
Captain:               145,000 points (55th Percentile) 
Major:                 180,000 points (70th Percentile) 
Lieutenant Colonel:    215,000 points (80th Percentile) 
Colonel:               260,000 points (87th Percentile) 
Brigadier General:     310,000 points (91st Percentile)
Major General:         365,000 points (95th Percentile) 
Lieutenant General:    430,000 points (98th Percentile) 
General:               500,000 points (99th Percentile)

Q: How many points do you get for destroying individule units? Do you get points for assists in destroying or just damaging a unit that is killed by someone else?

A: This really depends on what sort of unit, you get points from all damage you do btw

Q: When playing multiplayer games mixed with live AND bot players, can you still get promotions?

A: No

Q: Can a player play strictly against bots (on a multiplayer public server)and get promoted?

A: No, this would be too easy to rank up

Q: How can I find out my average score for WiC MP games?

A: Log into, Proceed to "My Profile", click on the "Statistics" tab, Locate "Average Score" entry of the "Match Info" box

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