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The Mask Edit Tool

The Mask Edit Tool The Mask Edit Icon can be used to view and edit the Texture Generator's masks directly on the 3D terrain. The edited layer will be visible on the ground in white. Textures will be updated the next time you render the ground. NOTE: Detail textures can be painted with instant feedback using the Detail Texture Edit Tool.

The Mask Editor

There is also a cool Terrain Cutout mode which lets you draw holes in the terrain (perfect for making caves, railway tunnels, missile silos etc). In either mode, use Left Mouse Button to paint and Shift + Left Mouse Button to erase. Brush properties can be set in the panel at the top of the screen.

The Mask Brush

  • Type - This sets the mask painting mode. There are two types of masks to edit:
    • Splatting mask - The regular texture layers used to distribute textures across the map.
    • Terrain cutout mask - This mask is used to paint holes in the ground. The holes are only visual, so units will be able to drive across them (thus it's a good idea to make the holes unreachable). There is only one cutout mask for the whole map. Note: Terrain cutout changes will not be applied to the ground until it is re-rendered.
  • Size - Size of the brush.
  • Opacity - Opacity of the brush.
  • Falloff - Softness of the brush. Use a high value for a sharp brush, and a lower value for a soft brush.
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