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This window is part of the Gameplay Editor. It's the main view for editing Command Points and painting Deploy Zones.Command Points and Perimeter Points are shown as icons connected by lines on the map. Deploy Zones are shown in red (USSR), blue (US), light blue (NATO) and white (NEUTRAL).

Gameplay Overview Map


  • To Pan - Press and hold the middle mouse button to pan the map horizontally and vertically.
  • To Zoom - Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.


  • To add a Command Point - Right click on an empty area of the map to add a Command Point.
  • To add a Perimeter Point Right click on the Command Point to add a Perimeter Point.
  • To delete any point - Right click and choose Delete.
  • To move any point Left click and drag.
  • To resize the playfield - Click and drag the white box to resize the playfield (the area in which units are allowed to move). If enabled, you may also resize the camera playfield (green box). This will allow the camera to move outside of the playfield. By default, the camera playfield is locked to the playfield, but may be unlocked in the Advanced Gameplay Settings.
  • To resize deploy zones - In Domination, drag the front lines of the two deploy zones to resize them. This does not work with imported deploy zone bitmaps.
  • Update deploy masks - This button updates the display with the most recently generated or imported deploy zone bitmaps. This does not affect Domination if you haven't imported custom deploy bitmaps. IMPORTANT: In Assault and Tug of War, click this button whenever you have moved your CPs. Deploy zones for these game modes are generated based on the location of any and all Command Points.
  • Switch to mask edit mode - This button toggles between mask painting and gameplay editing. In mask mode, the following options are available:
    • Mask - Toggles between existing deploy masks.
    • Brush - There are three brush types: Circle, Square and Fill. Left-click on the map to draw. Right-click to erase.
    • Size - Size of the brush in pixels.
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