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Texture Edit Tool

The Detail Texture Edit Tool Texture Tool Icon is used for painting detail maps onto the terrain in realtime. In effect, it overrides the detail textures of the layers in the Texture Generator, painting extra detail maps on top of the rendered result.

Detail Texture Override Editor

The intended workflow is as follows:

  1. Detail maps are automatically distributed by means of layers in the Texture Generator.
  2. Detail Texture Edit Tool is used for tweaking the procedurally rendered distribution.

Example: Let's say that after rendering a procedural terrain you notice a rock detail texture on a patch of grass. Just use the Detail Texture Edit Tool to paint it over with a grass detail texture in realtime.

In either mode, use Left Mouse Button to paint and Shift + Left Mouse Button to erase. Brush properties can be set in the panel at the top of the screen.

The Brush Panel

  • Size - Size of the brush.
  • Opacity - Opacity of the brush.
  • Falloff - Softness of the brush. Use a high value for a sharp brush, and a lower value for a soft brush.
  • Override mask visualization - There is one override layer per detail map. In the Detail Texture Override Editor, these can be visualized in three different ways:
    • None - Default mode. Masks are invisible and you see the result of detail painting in realtime.
    • Individual - The currently active override mask is rendered and edited in white (just like inthe Mask Edit Tool).
    • Combined - All override masks are combined and rendered in white on top of each other.
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